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Flash lighting workshop in London.

The purpose of this workshop was to teach amateur and beginning photographers how to set up and use flash lighting guns. It was 3 hour intensive program covering many types of modifiers and lighting techniques. In this program I also covered 8 points of posing and showed students how to prepare images for retouching. All things that are necessary when creating images of people. Every student had an opportunity to shoot with model Tianna. We did two outfit changes. Due to demand I will do similar workshop later this year. At the moment I offer one on one lessons on similar subjects. Email me to request a private lesson.

Images from the shoot. 

Photographer: Katie Chez

Model: Tianna 


London fashion photographer: Katie Chéz 

Model: Maria Burton Humberstone @ DAMA 

Makeup Artist: Bev K Mua 

Hair: Sylvestre Finold 

Stylist: Yidi Oye 

Clothes: Vecchio Vintage

This story is about young woman who has it all. She is young and beautiful. She lives in Chelsea and can afford expensive clothes. Her days are filled with all kind of activities. She goes to church in the morning. Reads books in the afternoon. She learns how to cook and she knows how to do the dishes. In the evenings she is usually out because she is often invited to dinner parties. She is good at selecting things that are right of her and avoiding things she does not like. She knows what makes her happy. 

On this occasion I collaborated with a vintage boutique. Shamira from Vecchio Vintage has kindly agreed to lend my stylist all the pieces we needed. Yidi Oye was responsible for pick up and return. She carefully styled every outfit.
It was first time I contacted Deigh Alexander Modeling Agency. Deigh let me choose the model, and I went with Maria because of her gentle demeanor. Maria was very hard working and professional, kindly following my directions. 

On this shoot I practiced photographing 10 outfits in one day. Every outfit change showed different story. This shoot was produced at high pace yet there was attention to every detail. I shot using both, natural and studio light.
Both makeup artist and hair stylist were very sympathetic to my demands of looks and number of changes. The whole team was professional yet fun to work and to be around. 

Get your copy here: Dreamingless Magazine Monochrome Issue 08 

Cover story with ELEGANT MAGAZINE

“Musician Muse”

London fashion photographer: Katie Chez 

 Model: Jasmin Holt 

Makeup Artist: Margret Magnus 

Wardrobe Designer: Sofiko Tvauri & Emma Star 

Jewellery Designer: Maud Traon

The wardrobe designer was a musician and her clothing designs draw heavily from the alternative London music scene. This is where I took my shoot’s inspiration from. I choose a model I had worked with before as she has an androgynous appearance which lends itself well to this environment as the focus is not so much on what would be considered classical beauty but the artistic nature of a person expressed through their style. I could envision her on the scene in Shoreditch/Camden alongside the alternative music venues based around the Urban scene of the areas. Fashionistas I took my cue from were Amy Winehouse, Alexa Chug, Kate Moss. 

My inspiration included animals. I wanted to challenge and test myself in working with dogs. Jasmin, the model, is an animal lover. In her spare time she looks after 5 dogs. She was enthusiastic about asking their owners for permission to bring them to the shoot. 

Once my artistic vision was in place I researched both make-up and jewellery artists who I felt would have a sympathetic look to this idea. I researched many artists work settling on Margret Magnus and Maud Traon as I admired their previous work and in speaking to them they understood my notion for the shoot and they were willing to execute my concept to the highest standard. 

Through this shoot I successfully executed my inspiration achieving high standard results. The editor used my pictures on the front and back cover and published the rest in their magazine. This made a shoot a fantastic success. 

Get your copy here: Elegant Magazine Fashion #7 May 2015 

Obscurae Magazine “Why don’t you love me”

Fashion photography by Katie Chez

It was second time when my shoot turned into an editorial. This time with a great success. I was planning to spend 2 hours with this team but the shoot turned into 6h project. Team included myself, Anna Gigante model and Azzurra Bonaldo makeup artist. I’m proud I could so quickly use my imagination to create a story around the things we had. It wasn’t an easy task and I had headache from moving furniture around the studio, as I didn’t have an assistant. I was thinking very fast. Having creative model and makeup artist helped a lot. Title was selected by the model. As always not all the shots were published but the editor chose the best. 

Get your copy now: Obscurae Magazine

Chin forward and down technique

In my last post I mentioned about chin forward and down technique used in portraiture. Today I will tell you how its done.

Ask your subject to:

- sit nice and tall

- long neck

- lift head up

- chin push forward

- and chin down

It’s very simple, and vastly improves how jaw line looks in portraits. Try it yourself.

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Published work ONDINE MAGAZINE

“Danish Artist” Editorial in Ondine Magazine #8

To the above I need to add that Sara is first model I worked with who knows Chin Forward And Down Technique taught by top portrait photographers like Sue Bryce or Peter Hurley that is used to get the perfect looking jaw line.

Chin forward and down technique

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